MP FILTRI Hydraulic Oil Filter

MP FILTRI Hydraulic Oil Filter

Features and Benefits
1 Large filter surfaces.
2 Low pressure drop.
3 High dirt-holding capacities.
4 Long service life.
5 Durable and reliable.


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Replacement MP FILTRI Hydraulic Oil Filter element is installed in oil tank,  simplify the system piping and save space, so that the system tank will not reflux. And when replacing oil filter element, they are removed together with pollution ,oil will not flow out.

Filter media : filter element adopts many kinds of materials , such as glass fiber, wood pulp filter paper ,stainless
steel fiber web and stainless steel wire woven .
Nominal filtration rating : 0.01-1000micron
Operating pressure : 21bar -210bar (hydraulic liquid filtration)
O-ring material : Vition , NBR
The critical fact for the proper operation of the enigine is to keep the lubricating oil clean, or to ensure .
No corrosive impurity inside the lubrication oil


1.Apply for heavy engine, such as generators, trucks, excavators, construction machine etc.
2.Particulate contaminants removal for heavy engine performing efficiency.